Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD. It is important to us here at C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD that you know how information about you may be utilized. Please take a moment to look over this privacy policy, which we hope will address any questions you may have. We encourage you to contact us any time with questions or feedback.

General information

At C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD, we use a site analysis tool to help us understand how customers use our site so we can enhance their browsing experience. The information we collect is not specific to an individual user. The various types of generic information we collect include but are not limited to:

  • Previous IP address
  • Path followed
  • Type of browser
  • Type of browsing platform
  • Pages accessed
  • Length of time spent on those pages
  • Current IP address and location

Security issues

Making sure our customers feel secure is a top priority at C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD. C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD is committed to our customer’s needs and is continually working toward setting and improving the security of our sites. All sensitive information remains on our server and will never be transmitted for any reason.

Information use and sharing

The information that C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD collects is used primarily for improving the site, but it is also valuable when describing traffic patterns to vendors who are interested in knowing who is viewing their offerings.

C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD may periodically contact its online customers- via e-mail, direct mail, or telephone- to request feedback, clarify an order, describe new offerings, or provide information about upcoming events that may be of interest.

Opting out

At C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD, the choice is always in the hands of our customers. Our customers may have their information removed from third party and internal C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD distribution at any time by simply choosing to opt out. Customers may opt out using any of the following methods:

Please include the e-mail account initially used during the registration process when corresponding.

Third parties

Third parties accessed from have separate privacy and data collection policies. Although C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD is interested in customer feedback regarding these links, it is not responsible for any events that occur as a result of visiting them.


When customers use this site, they are consenting to this policy. C.R. Laurence of Europe, LTD reserves the right to change this policy at any time, but will post any and all changes on this page. Check back regularly for the latest privacy policy information.

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