Case Studies

Marble-inspired luxury upstairs and downstairs with CRL Stone

25 November 2022

When Abigail and her partner moved into their 1970s built property in the spring of 2021, they were keen to jump into their very first reno project, with an update to the bathrooms high on their to-do list.

Wanting to update the rather tired looking family bathroom on the first floor, the couple really made the most of an awkwardly shaped space by opting for a walk-in shower. Luxurious and spa-like, it was essential that the wall coverings were practical, easy to keep clean and, above all, watertight. In order to really make an impact visually, despite the size of the room, the couple opted for a striking, marble-inspired surface. CRL Stone’s Carrara Vagli was the recommendation from their builder, used as a focal point on the shower wall and for a matching splashback to the washbasin and combined with beautiful brushed gold brassware and shower hardware for an elegant, timeless look.

The large format ceramic surface responds to the latest design trends in terms of style, while being extremely hardwearing and easy to care for. Carrara Vagli chosen for this project emulates all the beauty of marble, with a distinctive patterning that creates an opulent ambience.

The marble inspired-look was very important to the homeowners, and as Abigail explains, choosing the CRL Stone surface enables the trend to be used in the bathroom, which is not an overly suitable environment for real marble. “I was thinking of longevity and uniqueness when designing the bathrooms,” she comments. “I know you can install marble tiles, but I just wasn’t a fan of how they sat. Whereas, I like having the butterfly effect that was achieved with CRL Stone.”

With the upstairs bathroom complete and a success, the time came for the couple to concentrate their efforts on transforming the ground floor bathroom, another area where space was at a premium and where they were keen to follow through with the marble-inspired design, this time with Ceralsio Statuario from CRL Stone. “The downstairs bathroom used to be accessed via a pocket door with a small hallway. It was such wasted space. I thought of the idea to make this a freestanding ‘chill out zone’, with a ceiling speaker and a feature wall for those chilled out moments. It’s fair to say I am in love with this space and it’s had heaps of compliments, particularly from those that had seen the bathroom as it was previously.”

For this space, matt black brassware was chosen as a contrast to the crisp, elegant lines of the marble-effect ceramic surface, again with dramatic effect.

Any reservations the couple initially had about maintenance of their new bathrooms were laid to rest when they realised how easy the ceramic is to clean. “At first I was very careful what I was using cleaning wise as I wouldn’t forgive myself if I caused a mark,” admits Abigail. “But it’s just so easy to care for, with no harsh chemical cleaners needed. You can’t go wrong with some vinegar and hot water, particularly around brushed gold as it’s stops it cracking.“

With the house renovation now complete and more time to enjoy their finished bathrooms, are the homeowners pleased with their choices and the end result? “We are honestly so pleased with it,” they conclude.

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