Four style tips for satin brass in the bathroom

03 October 2023

There are many reasons why soft metallic finishes including satin brass have become such a popular option for the bathroom. Where once chrome was the go-to finish, and remains a versatile choice, satin brass and other warm metals serve to add a luxe look. Often viewed as a design classic, satin brass offers a toned down, somewhat demure alternative to gold, something that ensures it will work in either a contemporary or traditionally styled bathroom.

A timeless classic that adds sophistication and glamour to any bathroom, the beauty of satin brass and much of the reason for its growing popularity, is down to its versatility. This is a finish that can be paired with nearly any décor or style; from modern chrome accents to rustic wooden details, satin brass brings out the best in all types of design. 

Satin brass has many practical benefits that make it such a wise choice for the bathroom too – this is a durable metal that with the right care can last for decades and because of its smudge-proof finish it’s perfect for homes with young families as there’ll be no sticky fingerprints left behind. But perhaps best of all, its warm golden tones create an inviting atmosphere that bring an extra layer of comfort to the bathroom.

Read on for four ways to add satin brass to your bathroom to elevate its style.

1. Add the look with your choice of shower hardware

Satin brass makes a real statement, particularly when used in moderation. Opt for a bespoke frameless shower enclosure for the ultimate ‘less is more’ approach to your bathroom’s design and shower hardware in a satin brass finish to create a luxury statement. In a shower space, this finish particularly stands out against simple tiles, for a paired back, sophisticated look.

2. Go cohesive with taps and accessories

Nothing says hotel-chic quite like matching brassware in the bathroom – satin brass on your shower hardware doesn’t deserve to end there. Create a seamless flow throughout the bathroom with taps, shower brassware and accessories from the same metal family, for a finished look that is well thought through and ties everything together. On the flipside, don’t be afraid to mix metals in your bathroom design. Using chrome and brass in a balanced way, for example, can also result in a unified look.

3. Combine with on-trend materials like marble-effect tiles for hotel-chic

Satin brass contrasts perfectly with natural stone finishes, such as concrete and marble effects in the bathroom. The resulting look is understated glam, to the max – you’ll see what we mean with a little look at our Geneva and Bellagio ranges.

4. Blend old and new for a modern vintage look

Satin brass is oh so versatile and can be paired with virtually any colour scheme. Add warmth to a dark palette with this finish that will add a subtle glow to the bathroom or lose the sterility of an all-white space with its warm tones. And to really bring out the best of old and new in your bathroom, try mixing vintage-style pieces in a satin brass finish with modern fixtures for a bathroom that’s great to come home to.

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