Bathroom trends in 2024: the functional and luxurious

21 November 2023

It’s been a long time since the bathroom was a purely practical space; today it’s taken on almost spa-like status in terms of comfort while still retaining its functional narrative. The trends forecast for 2024, sees this shift continuing, as the bathroom becomes even more an extension of our living spaces, an important room in terms of adding value and more than anything a sanctuary at home.

Here are five key trends to look out for if you are planning a bathroom redesign or simply want to breathe new life into an existing space to mark the new year.

The bathroom as a day spa
Spa-like features continue to make a strong impression in the domestic bathroom, bringing wellness and me-time to the fore.

Steam showers, underfloor heating and rain shower heads are all key here, as we increasingly carve out space for the shower wherever possible in our homes. Whether it’s under the eaves in a converted loft or transforming an unused corner of the master bedroom, spa-like showering at home is upping the ante in 2024. Bespoke shower solutions such as those from CRL make it possible to create such spaces in style, custom-fit to create an in-home spa experience that is stylish and functional.

Patterns to make a statement
If you’re going to make a statement about your personality anywhere in your home, the bathroom is the perfect space to do it. Alternative finishes to chrome are a big interior design trend and matte black hardware offers a stylishly sophisticated option for the modern bathroom. Choose a gorgeous marble-effect patterned surface, like Ceralsio Statuario for the walls or vanity tops and pair with matte black hardware to really make an impression.

Neutral colours that add warmth
If we had to name a colour that would hit the bathroom news headlines in 2024 we’d have to opt for ‘warm neutrals’. Stark white, once popular in minimalist circles and useful for making small spaces look and feel bigger, has a warm replacement in the form of a cream and beige palette. Inalco MDi Petra Crema is the perfect example, with a warm, earthy, inviting tone that works in perfect harmony with many popular materials including wood and chrome shower hardware.

Setting the mood with lighting
From luxurious chandeliers to dramatic spotlights and matching wall lights, dimmable decorative lighting is an important element of bathroom design in 2024. The right lighting ensures the bathroom functions as it should by day, while creating just the right ambience to turn the space into a tranquil oasis just when it’s needed.

Making a feature of your walls
For those looking to go bold with colour and pattern in their bathroom and to change things up without a major overhaul in 2024, feature walls are on trend. Opt for a floor to ceiling surface with Ceralsio and MDi, or take small steps with a contrasting splash back in any one of a variety of styles. In this personal space, anything goes.

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